“Bris Arts responded quickly to a last minute request and were efficient in providing us with a tailored service. The groups were challenged by the workshop and had to learn to listen and coordinate their efforts in order to produce a team performance. I would definitely recommend Bris Arts for quality and value for money. A great afternoon had by all!”

Reference from David Barrow, Head of Support and Guidance, The Bath Studio School.


“Jackson and Jenny both came to our school (Bristol Brunel Academy) for an afternoon of workshops with pupils attending a summer school (designed for the new year 7’s to begin their first term without any fear!).

Jackson ran a fantastic samba drumming workshop. He was so engaging with the pupils and encouraged them at every step. He devised some fantastic warm up games with the pupils which helped with their rhythm, listening skills as well as cooperation. Jackson then unleashed them onto the drums, where I was really impressed with his ability to control and teach a group of pupils holding large noisy instruments! The lesson was really fun, educational and also powerfully uplifting. Very impressed with his workshop.

Jenny ran an amazing street dance class, which was possibly the most energetic class I have ever witnessed! She was fantastic with the pupils, very patient and encouraging. She was very clear with what she wanted and the pupils quickly picked up the dance moves. Jenny then gave them some time to work on some dance moves as a team, which resulted in some excellent displays of teamwork and choreography. I was even more impressed with how much energy she has! Really superb class.

A massive huge thank you to both of you. We will hopefully be able to use you both again in the future.”

Reference from Lou Roscoe, Subject Teacher, Bristol Brunel Academy.


“Bris Arts provided a secondary workshop in Samba drumming and worked with a range of students from many different backgrounds. They had excellent subject knowledge and fantastic equipment which the students found inspiring and they taught them a range of different rhythms, differentiating and personalising their sessions for differing year groups and for my top set. The students were laughing throughout the sessions and predominantly commented on the enjoyment of the session. It fed in nicely with my musical journey scheme of work and gave the students are more authentic taste of Brazilian music. Many of the students expressed an interest in trying an out of school Samba club if it was offered so please run one!”

Reference from Kathryn Shaw, Head of Music, Bristol Metropolitan Academy.


“The team at Bris Arts provided another fantastic workshop for our Early Years pupils last week, this time inspiring the children with puppet making. The workshop leaders Joel and Bee quickly built warm and positive relationships with the children and were very clear about their expectations for behaviour during the session. The initial assembly for all 75 children was inspiring and engaging and really captured the children’s interest and attention. In each of the class workshops Joel and Bee gave the children a great safety briefing, using their puppets to keep it fun and captivating. The resources provided were simple yet effective and enabled all the children to be successful in creating their own paper bag puppet. The impact of the workshop was long lasting as our children used the skills and techniques they learned from Joel and Bee to create their own puppets independently after.”

Reference from Becky Harris, Foundation Manager, St. Johns Primary School, Bristol.


“The group had a great experience with the drumming session. It was a good combination of challenging individuals to master a new skill at the same time as being a great way of bringing the team together. The team was drawn into a fun experience but still learned some important lessons about how to work together in harmony and what it is possible to achieve in a short space of time.

The group loved it – an excellent use of time on the programme, thanks.”

 Reference from Richard Dear, Director, Word of Mouth LTD.


“We booked Bris Arts for a music workshop at my sons sixth birthday party recently and it was absolutely brilliant! We had 13 children in my front room with drums, throwing themselves into the musical activities. The all had huge smiles on their faces as they made a whole lot of noise! The best bit about the workshop was that all the children were so enthusiastic about it, there were no shy wallflowers, they were all very keen to participate! It was a real gem of a workshop because it is ageless, my 18 month old daughter engaged as much as my three year old daughter – not to mention my 50 year old husband!!! It was an excellent workshop, engaging and interacting with all participants and I will definitely be booking Bris Arts again.”

Reference from Daisy Jenkins, childrens birthday party booking.


“The Assembly was inspiring and really engaged the children with positive comments from staff about the workshops”

Reference from Holt Primary School.


“Jackson is a talented and professional music leader who encourages and supports young people to achieve their potential. Jackson has worked with Bath Festivals over a number of years and most recently led a composition project as part of Bath International Music Festival 2013 where he worked with young people to create several new pieces of music for our annual festival procession. His respectful and inclusive approach ensured that all participants were fully involved in the creation of new work and in turn, became fully committed to the project and taking part  in the procession. Jackson has also been a tutor on our Creative Sound Factory project, enabling young people to create and perform their own music, created over an intensive 2 days of workshops. He is a valuable member of our freelance team and will continue to work with him on future projects”

Reference from Louise Betts, Learning & Participation Manager, Bath Festivals.


“Jackson worked with Trinity this summer to deliver a Maracatu drumming workshop as part of our ‘summer sessions programme’. He was very inclusive in the way he delivered the workshop and everyone felt they had gained something out of attending the workshop despite their differing levels of ability. He used a variety of warm up techniques to explore rhythm using our hands and body before moving onto exercises using the drums. This enabled those that were beginners to feel comfortable when handling drums whilst it also kept it engaging for the others. The drumming exercises were varied and progressed in the level of difficulty as the workshop went on. When a participant did not understand an instruction or found an exercise difficult, he made sure that he stopped and explained clearly what to to. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and would definitely welcome him at Trinity again.”

Reference from Phoebe Langton-Beck, Youth Music Coordinator at Trinity Community Arts.