Spoken Word

An opportunity for participants to explore Spoken Word in a fun, accessible and dynamic way. Within a workshop, students are introduced to what performance poetry is, shown examples of performance poetry style and are led through the basic tools needed create and perform poetry to an audience. The lessons are completely tailored to the ability, age and needs of the group; for example if the class were already looking at a certain literary module within the curriculum, the workshop can be created to work alongside that. All workshops are exciting and engaging, as well as challenging preconceived ideas of what poetry is, they are there and as an aid for students to take literary risks, create contemporary poetry as a means for creative expression.

The benefits of ‘spoken literacy’ are diverse and wide. They include increased confidence, greater self expression, improvement in literacy and vocabulary, igniting passion in literature and creative writing and a deeper understanding of the individual self through language. All workshops have been crafted so students can access contemporary poetry as a means to explore creative expression.

Throughout, the workshop aims to:
• Look at writing tools (such as rhyme, rhythm, metaphor, language) and the structure of writing poetry for performance.
• Utilise the tools and techniques needed for performance and encouraging self-expression through this means.
• Explore individual and collective identity through access to certain themes and topics within poetry.

Each workshop combines large group work with small groups and individual focus, making sure everybody has the chance to create something unique to them. The workshops can be delivered as anything from a two hour session, up to a full day or as a longer term project.

Meet our fantastic spoken word workshop leader, Rebecca, here.