Want to create a fantastic piece of modern art work for your school whilst also providing a fun and creative activity for your young people? 

Graffiti is an influential tool to encourage interest in visual arts, often in cases where more conventional outlets for creativity have failed. Graffiti can be used effectively as a diversion tactic to combat anti-social behaviour. In many locations our workshops leader, Kilo, has led workshops and community projects. His past experience working in a PRU type specialist school has enabled Kilo to engage with students often deemed too difficult to work with.

Details of our Graffiti workshops are found below – cost vary according to time and materials. Please contact us today for more information. Meet our workshop leader, Kilo, here.


Introduction including short video documentary and basic design techniques using paper and pencils.


Perform simple exercises using basic spraypaint techniques. Design final artwork using paper and pencils.


Apply sketch of design to board(s) and add colour (including any background) using basic spraypaint techniques.

SESSION FOUR (wet – final):

Apply final outline to design (including any detail) using basic spraypaint techniques. Extra hour req’d to allow facilitator to ‘finish up’ artwork.